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Premier Power Wash & Gutter Cleaning specializes in soft or power pressure washing your home exterior, roof, decks, patios, sidewalks, and driveways in Williamsburg or anywhere from Providence Forge to Newport News, VA.

As a homeowner in the Williamsburg, VA area, we know how much pride you take in your property’s appearance. However, you cannot hire just anyone to give your home the safe and proper cleaning it needs. When you want it done right, turn to Premier Power Wash. We’ve been the region’s trusted name in Soft Washing, Power Washing, and Exterior Restoration services for over 20 years and counting. Roof to Curb Cleaning.

What We Offer

Soft Pressure Washing Roofs

soft-wash-roof-cleaning Williamsburg Virginia
Save Big With Maintaining Your Roof 

Dirty and dark roofs can annoy every homeowner. However, it can be easily cleaned and be given a completely new look with a soft low-pressure wash. This is the safest way to clean your ceiling and make sure it is free from dust, mold, and harmful bacteria. Not scheduling roof cleaning over a period of time will cause the roofing materials to weaken over time and lose their ability to reflect strong ultraviolet rays. This will increase the temperature of the house, which will make the HVAC work harder and consume more energy. This is a domino effect that will affect the home in many different ways. However, with the help of Premier Power Wash & Gutter Cleaning, every homeowner in Williamsburg, VA can keep their roof in tip-top condition.

Soft House Washing Service

low-pressure-house-siding-washing Williamsburg Virginia
Get Your Home Looking New WIth Pressure Washing!

We clean the exterior walls of homes in all areas of Williamsburg, Virginia. Whether it is a house or a multi-story house, we will make your house look new. Our exterior house cleaning team can reach the top of any size home. We use low-pressure, gentle washing technology to clean Irving’s home from top to bottom, which will not damage or degrade the exterior surface of the home.

Good for all types of home exterior siding:

  • Brick, Cement, Stonework 
  • Vinyl & Aluminum
  • Wood & Cedar
  • Stucco & Dryvit & more! 

Gutter Cleaning & Protection

Keep Your Gutters & Downspouts In Good Condition

Gutter and downspout cleaning is not only a chore, but it can also be an unsafe activity and clogged-up gutters are more than unpleasant– they can lead to considerable water damage to your property. That’s why Williamsburg homeowners rely on Premier Power Wash & Gutter Cleaning to eliminate those blockages and particles and keep their rain gutters working effectively year-round.

Get the very best rain gutter cleaning in Williamsburg, VA.  We’re here to save you time, money, and trouble when it involves gutter cleaning.

Wood Deck Restoration

Deck Restoration Specialists

You may think that the old deck planks cannot be repaired, but before we replace any deck, we will first conduct a proper evaluation of the site. The key is not only to determine the reasons for the degradation of the old panels that may affect the new panels but also to see if we can save the old panels. When you want to replace damaged or rotten wood, re-pave the entire deck and your old fixtures and showcase bright, rich colors and textures, you’ll be amazed at what our Williamsburg craftsmen can do.

Rust Stain Removal

rust-stain-removal williamsburg-virginia
Removing Stains With Eco-Friendly Solutions

Say goodbye to rust with our eco-friendly rust removal products. It’s called F9 BARC and it removes the orange season, which is not only caused by rust, but also battery acid, fertilizer, and watering, all of which will not harm your property in Virginia.

We can remove rust stains from any part of your property:

  • Driveways, Sidewalks, Porches, and Patios
  • Siding, Soffits, Gutters, and Window Frames
  • Roofs, Flashing and Vents

Driveway Restoration

driveway-restoration-power-washing Williamsburg Virginia
Power Wash Cleaning & Sealing

Accumulation of dust, dirt, grime, gasoline, motor oil and other contaminants in the driveway is very common. After all, your driveway is exposed to the elements, where you drive over almost every day. However, this does not mean that you should take it for granted. Dirty driveways can be a major problem, and if children are allowed to play in them, it can also be dangerous. 

Our team of experts knows how delicate concrete cleaning should be to prevent damage and that is why we only use the correct detergents, water temperature, and pressure for the job. Missing out on these things will be harmful and we want to be sure that everyone is safe: you, your family, your pets, the yard, and even the environment as a whole. 

Before & After Power Washing & Gutter Cleaning

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Customer Reviews

Marc Tenan
15:09 14 Jan 23
Premier Power Wash does an outstanding job from beginning to end; from requesting an estimate to cleaning our gutters. Very impressive cutting edge small business.After reviewing a number of gutter cleaning companies with excellent Google reviews, I settled on Premier. Went to their website on a Saturday to request an estimate; received an estimate first thing Monday morning that was quite detailed about what they would do with a very reasonable estimate for cleaning our gutters for a one story home. I accepted the proposal. About ten minutes later, I received a phone call to schedule an appointment from a very friendly lady. By Wednesday morning, two men, also very friendly and polite, had completed cleaning my gutters. Possibly, the most efficient home service I have ever had from beginning to end.Gutter cleaning is unique. They Vacuum (!) your gutters and then blow out any remaining residue. The two men worked continuously without taking a break. No leaves or debris left on the ground.Cash or check only. Very pleased with the entire operation from beginning to end. Definitely will be first on my list in the future for gutter cleaning or power washing. Highly recommended.
Glenn Voegelin
17:07 13 Dec 22
Very professional! Wes Robbins did an A-1 job!
23:36 09 Aug 22
Awesome professional service. They vacuum out the gutters and downspouts. Then blew air down the downspouts making sure they were clear. I am glad that I changed to them do do the service.
Rita Gregory
15:03 08 Jun 22
Best in Williamsburg
Incredible service and very fair pricing! Very responsive and the actual gutter cleaning was the best! We’ll definitely be a regular customer😄. Thank you !
D.S. MacMillan
14:50 29 Jan 22
Justin Addison
16:29 20 Oct 21
Extremely thorough and professional. My house, gutters and shed looked amazing after they were completed. Best in town and highly recommended
Jenne Phillips
23:07 13 Jul 21
The technicians were early and called to let me know. They were super about letting me know what and where the clog in my gutter was and taking care of it. Great service across the board
joette lopez
21:55 09 Jul 21
This is an awesome and professional company! Our experience was wonderful starting with Melissa in the office and Mel in the field with his crew. They were punctual, efficient and did a great job! Thank you!!!
Diana Shackelford
15:46 19 Jun 21
Very professional on time five star rating very good job done
Nicole Jalink
00:01 06 May 21
Awesome people!!!! Great service, on time, super easy company to work with!!! Will be using them again!!
Tami Cartos
14:36 05 Apr 21
It was a smooth transaction all around. Wes did a great job and was professional and friendly.
Stephanie Barrell
02:36 06 Feb 21
Easy/professional communication. Reasonable price. Efficient scheduling. Getting your gutters cleaned is just not fun money to spend but it’s worth every dollar plus a tip. 🥳